Custom Fitting

With the aid of GC2 at Galaxy Golf Superstore Mar Menor, we are able to identify the clubs that perform best for you. It is so important to get the right spec because it really can make the difference to your game and equally can compromise it if you don’t. There is no longer any need to buy off the peg, it is definitely a false economy because there is hardly any price difference when having clubs tailored to you and yet the performance variance can be dramatic. In some cases, you will be surprised that there will be no need to make a purchase as your clubs could well outperform the ones you were thinking of buying.

Gc2 is the latest technology in club fitting and by using a radar launch monitor, it guarantees the most accurate measurements by tracking ball flight, launch angle and spin. Identifying and testing equipment to suit your physique, age and ability ensures the clubs you buy are tailor-made for you.